About Justlifeinme

Hi, My name is Arina. 
Let's start with a little info about me.
So I was born in the 1999 and ever since then  I started traveling around the world.
Once I tried to count how many countries I've visited, but it was for sure a bad idea.
Of course growing as a kid i was always thinking about who I want to be and what I want to do in life. So by the time I was graduating high school back in Russia  I was thinking about studying somewhere abroad and finally I decided to give this idea a try- made I visa, packed my bags and moved to Czech republic. Since than I do my best to study and do the things that inspire me the most in life-  traveling and photography. 
The idea of making a blog made me thinking about writing little stories from the trips, that are always just archiving in the notes of my phone, but I think it's right time to start sharing them with the world, so you can see the life 'through my eyes'
Why @justlifeinme and what does it mean?
- Well, it's started a long time ago, to be certain- when I made my Instagram account, this is basically where it came from. When I think about the life around us and the way we perceive it, I feel like we are the only ones who can make life-changing decisions that will effect future and of course it's somehow is connected with the power of universe.
So my perspective of life consists of the idea of making every second of my life useful, living  the life full of moments and experiences that will make me grow as a person. I do genially think that being active and open to the new things in life is a part of how I am and who I will become.

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